Visit Australia with Campervan Rental

One can get an incredible experience while travelling in Australia as it offers a varied experience from Kangaroo Island to the Great Barrier Reef. One can focus one spot at a time or can relish by choosing several areas to visit.

Australia is a very large country and one can’t see everything in one trip. By choosing a car rental, one can enjoy the areas of choice at their own pace. If you are decided to tour Australia, adventurous type’s campervan rentals are the best choice. It is a best option to tour any specific destination or travel between destinations. By hiring a car rental, you can travel at your pace and maintain your privacy.

Visit Australia

Campervan is ideal choice for families. Families of all sizes can travel in more comfort. Campervans have sleeping berths. Therefore, visitors need not worry about accommodations. Instead of going for travel plans, families can set their own itinerary and charts of their own destinations and plenty of choices are available for them by taking a campervan.

Australia is packed with Caravan Parks. Families can opt to stay in any National Parks when they rent a campervan for their holiday. If they want to see the real Outback, campervans with four wheel drive are best option. This gives unique experience that most people will never get.

A holiday by campervan offers freedom, adventure and value. Campervan rentals suit all sort of needs such as backpackers, retirees, family and group of friends. Campervans are featured with food storage, preparation and sleeping quarters too.

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Getting the Best Hotel Rates By Booking Online In Advance

Best hotel rates booking online gives one the privilege of advance booking to avoid the rush that occurs during the vacation season at the popular places. Starting from train, flights to hotels and guides everything seems to be busy. Getting a ticket or booking a good hotel everything has the least possibility.

Hotel booking online

Some important points to keep in mind

In this case one can chose to plan the tour with best hotel rates booking online. These sites offer different packages and tours. One can do an advance booking to avoid the rush and tension of getting an accommodation. Some important points that should be kept in mind while dealing with the best hotel rates booking online are:

1. The exact room rate per night along with the number of persons that can stay in a single room.

2. Location of the hotel. It should not be away from the town.

3. Facilities provided by the hotel.

4. Distance of the places one wants to visit should not be far away from the place of accommodation.

5. Different food courts or restaurants nearby.

6. Vehicle services.

7. Transport services provided by the hotel.

8. Nearby shops and malls.

Keeping the above things in view one can crack a smart deal with the best hotel rates booking online in order to enjoy a peaceful holiday without facing any trouble in travelling, accommodating, having meals and any other problems. One can search in different websites in order to find out the cheapest deal. There are many online websites and clients that offer a cheap deal while advance booking with proper tourism guide and city tours. Best hotel rates booking online can help one in getting a smart package in advance booking and avoid the rush and possibilities of not getting a proper place for staying.

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Zodiak Collaborates With Airasia, Opens Doors To The Silk Route

Zodiak Travel - Thursday, November 14, 2013.
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Eric French.

By Gordana Hamblett

Zweibrucken, Germany (November 15, 2013)
 - AirAsia, the planet’s best cheap flights organization, and Zodiak Travel, the planet’s biggest online vacation packages providing organization, today advertised the launch of another joint venture organization blanket Asia Pacific and offering a complete go of incredible quality flights, lodgings, and occasion bundles.

This union between the planet’s biggest online travel organization, and the planet’s most inventive air transport, permits both organizations to expand one another’s quality in carrying satisfaction through fly out to the planet’s travellers.

Under the joint tourism deal, another organization will be framed to work Zodiak Travel. Zodiak Travel marked organizations in Japan, India, Southeast Asia and other East Asian showcases. The new tie up will expand AirAsia’s special neighborhood showcasing mastery, plus Zodiak Travel’s planet heading engineering, and both organizations’ quality travel items in the locale and past.

The new venture will have the restrictive online unbiased gathering circulation rights in the locale for AirAsia and AirAsia-X flights and travel bundles implying that with not many exemptions in the district the main place to find and book AirAsia flights online will be Taken together with over 130,000 hostels worldwide, this will make a remarkable set of bundles for Asian clients at inconceivably low rates on both the AirAsia go and Zodiak Travel locales.

Furthermore, AirAsia and Zodiak Travel are cooperating outside of the new dare to make Zodiak Travel the selective alternate party travel supplier for AirAsia stock permitting travellers to book energizing AirAsia stock on any of Zodiak Travel’s travel destinations worldwide.

The Chairman and Senior Executive of Zodiak Travel said, ” By cooperating with AirAsia, Zodiak Travel is taking a critical venture in improving our worldwide position.  This is especially energizing, given Asia’s impact in the online travel commercial center. ”

“We couldn’t have discovered an improved accomplice than AirAsia.  notwithstanding being the district’s heading minimal effort transporter, the air transport likewise portions Zodiak Travel’s yearning to make fly out approachable to every living soul.  I’m profoundly inspired via AirAsia’s development in such a brief time of time, and its astonishing system. ”

“There is a considerable measure of keep tabs on travel in Asia today and this cooperation permits our clients to unite with an extraordinary arrange here through AirAsia.  Combined with Zodiak Travel’s noteworthy choice of worldwide travel offerings and bundle engineering, we suppose this organization empowers both organizations to offer travellers planet class travel items at an unparalleled worth,”, he included.

To commend the cheerful union, Zodiak Travel will be putting forth discount travel deals of up to 80% in 10 Asian urban areas, along with free of cost rent a car service, for three days starting 29th November. For more information please visit,


Great vacation

Gateway to the World
If you are planning to have the much anticipated vacation with your family, friends or loved ones, Zodiak Travel is the perfect guide that can help you find the right place to go and plan the best vacation ever. They have here a wide variety of options which customers can consider when planning their vacation. Through this site, they can provide all their customers with a comprehensive list of the best travel suppliers that offer their products and services at very affordable prices, including flights, rental cars, and hotel rooms. With this, customers will not be guaranteed of a fun and memorable vacation but at the same time, they will also be able to enjoy great savings!
By using the services that Zodiak Travel provides, customers can find the lowest rates on hotel accommodation. They can search hotels worldwide with over 200,000 options available. Also, customers can find and hire rental cars at the best prices. The company also enables customers to do some searches on airlines that can suit their preferences.
The following are just a few of the services being offered by Zodiak Travel that customers can avail.
• Destination – The company offers a wide variety of options of countries all over the globe that boast of the best tourist destinations. Some of the popular places that people want to visit in different countries are the beaches, historical places, unique and beautiful scenery, and many more. Each country has a lot to offer when it comes to the tourist spots that people shouldn’t miss. With Zodiak Travel, people can make comparisons easily in choosing the best place to go.
• Flights – In here, customers can search for flights at lower prices. The company can compare prices in all major airlines all over the globe. From the departure up to return, these can be searched accordingly. By just entering the details needed, customers can have the information they are looking for in an instant.
• Cruises – If you want to go on a cruise, Zodiak Travel can also give customers the assistance that they need. With this, they can have the best value deals and offers on all companies of major cruises. Customers can select the destination they want and the type of cruiseline they prefer including the date when to travel. Right after, they can have the details that they need with regard to their cruise.
• Cars – Traveling from place to place can be tough by just commuting. With the rental cars from major companies that offer cars for hire, you no longer need to stress yourself out in searching for any means of transportation during your vacation. By simply setting the pick up time and drop off time, customers can find the rental cars in an instant at a lower price.
• Store – Traveling will not be complete without the things to bring. With Zodiak Travel, customers can be directed to stores where they can purchase everything they need before travelling.
These are the services which people can expect to get from Zodiak Travel. The company knows that making some arrangements before traveling is important that’s why they’ve come up with this type of services which can make it easier for people to plan and set their next vacation.

Travel Q&A: The European Union

Question: “I live in America, and I’m going on holiday to Spain next summer. I’d also like to go to Italy, and I know I can drive there from Spain. My question is about my passport; will I need to show it when I cross the border from Spain to Italy and vice versa? I know they’re both in the European Union, so I’m not sure if normal border controls apply. If at all possible, I’d rather not carry my passport around with me.”


While Spain and Italy are both in the European Union, you will still need your passport and the usual forms of ID – such as medical insurance documentation – to cross the border.

It’s an easy mistake to make. In the United Kingdom, for example, you do not need a passport to cross the border from England to Scotland or Wales to England – so there is a precedent for this thinking. However, the European Union is largely a political union – the countries within it remain separate, and regular border controls apply.

On another note, while it’s understandable that you don’t want to carry your passport with you, in some European countries you are required to do so by law. In Italy, for example, police have the right to stop and ask anyone, at any time, to produce documentation as to their identity. It is therefore worth investing in a money-belt or similar to keep your passport in, so if you do get stopped, you won’t have any problems.

Be Spontaneous With A Surprise Holiday

The concept of a ‘surprise’ holiday may be unpleasant to some; after all, isn’t half the fun of a vacation looking forward to going there? Maybe it is, but if you hanker for something a little spontaneous and fun, then a surprise holiday might just work for you.

The ‘surprise’ aspect of a surprise holiday does not come from a sudden decision to go on holiday, but rather where you go. You can still book the time off work, get a dog sitter in and get your documentation in order: just book a couple of weeks (or however long you have) off like you normally would, and then head to the airport on your first day off.

Here’s where the surprise element comes in; you go to the airport not knowing where you are going with a surprise holiday. Once you reach the airport, you ask at desks for ‘stand by’ seats and last minute deals. As airlines do not like to fly half-empty planes, they will often offer substantial discounts if you can fly that night on a flight that is not fully booked. It’s all about being cheeky and asking.

If all goes to plan, you will make a huge saving on the flight cost and will be presented with a destination. Once you arrive, it is up to you to find your hotel.

It’s a slightly crazy concept, but those who enjoy surprise holidaying swear that is the fun of it. Not knowing where you’re going, what you’re doing or even what type of clothes to pack makes the experience extremely exciting; so if you’ve got the courage, why not give a surprise holiday a go?

All You Need To Know About UK Travel

The United Kingdom – the union name for the countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – is one of the most popular tourists destinations in the world, especially the capital of England, London and the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Traveling through the UK – as it is abbreviated to – is fairly simple given the size of the four countries. Three – England, Scotland and Wales – are connected by land. It is possible to travel from the Northernmost point of the UK – John O’Groats in Scotland – to the Southernmost point – Land’s End in England – in a day. Only Northern Ireland is not on the same island as the other three countries in the Union, but is reachable by a short ferry trip, most commonly from Scotland.

As the countries are small and interlinked, UK travel is a surprisingly easy aspect of a vacation there. It is possible to fly domestically, and rail and motorway networks serve the UK well. However, rail travel is very expensive, as was recently evidenced by the first issuing of a return rail ticket costing over £1,000 (around $1,400). There are discounts available, however, especially for foreign visitors on short-term stays.

Flying by air is much simpler, however, and usually cheaper, too. The UK has several major airports, both international and domestic, and flights between the countries are inexpensive and regular. You do not need to show a passport to travel across the country borders, though some form of ID is recommended for air travel.

What Is A Package Holiday?

It may seem like a strange question – “what is a package holiday?” – but it’s one that is searched for by search engine users with surprising regularity. The term ‘package holiday’ has become such common usage in modern society that few people ever explain what they mean when they use it, but for those who don’t know, here’s a quick guide.

The term ‘package holiday’ is used to describe the kind of holiday that takes care of everything itself. You book the entire holidays: flights (or whatever mode of transport you will be using to reach your destination) and hotel package holidays are the most common. These usually include transport to and from the airport; so essentially, it’s the simplest way to go on holiday, and is booked ‘all in one’ rather than paying for the flights, hotel and transfers separately.

Package holidays, however, can mean more than just flights and hotels. They can also include sightseeing or theater trips in the overall price, usually at a discounted rate. Sometimes package holidays can include transport to and from the airport in your home country, so everything really is taken care of.

The beauty of package holidays is the simplicity of them. You simply choose your destination, and the travel agent – be it online or in store – will put together the rest for you. You don’t need to worry about getting to the hotel from a foreign airport, and everything is included in one lump-sum price for ease of budgeting. It’s no wonder, given the convenient one-stop-shop method of holidaying they offer, that package holidays are so popular.

The Ever-Increasing Popularity of Air Travel

Ever since the determinedly brave Wright Brothers made the first unassisted flight aboard their plane Kitty Hawk, man has been taking to the sky (and beyond) so as to explore the world. Air travel is fastly becoming the biggest of all the transportation industries, allowing people to shrink the world and go from one hemisphere to another in a matter of hours.

Air travel is one of the most convenient ways to move from place to place. First and foremost, there is the speed: most airplanes have a cruising speed of 500 miles per hour or more, so you’re going to reach your destination in the fastest time possible. And while flight phobias exist, there’s no doubt that for most travelers, being able to sit back and let the pilot do all the work while you sip from the drinks cart is one of the more enjoyable parts of air travel!

There is an oft-quoted statistic that flying by airplane is the safest way to travel – and for once, the statistics are right. Airplane crashes are rare, and despite perceptions, an air crash does not immediately mean total loss of life. In fact, you are more likely to survive an airplane crash than to perish, again according to statistics.

It’s rapidly becoming clear where air travel is so popular. It’s fast, it’s efficient and it’s surprisingly safe – as well as taking some of the strain out of traveling, as you relax in the cabin and watch the wall go by beneath.

The Downside of Travel Guides

It’s safe to say that the vast majority of us book a holiday to a place where we ‘like the sound of’. Destinations tend to be spread by word of mouth, when other people enjoy their vacation and tell their friends – or the entire internet. Yet oddly, when we’ve booked this people-recommended holiday, many of us then go and by a travel guide from a book retailer.

This might not seem that odd, but in reality it is. We take a tip given by a genuine, fellow traveler and then reduce it down to buying a travel guide. A guide which was probably written by a freelance writer who has never even set foot in the country they have visited. The small travel guides you can buy in shops and convenience stores provide little insight and no personal touch of what it is like to visit a place, and what you should do while you’re there. That means you may miss out, and not get the most out of your holiday.

The solution, thankfully, is simple. The genuine, person-to-person or on the grapevine advice is the thing to stick to: you want to know what people like yourself thought of the destination, and where they think you should visit. You don’t want some rehashed advertising literature that makes everything sound wonderful – and that’s mainly what travel guides are.

Thankfully, there are sites on the internet that will provide a genuine experience report and recommendation guide for fellow travelers Run a search engine query for your destination and browse through the pages, and some personal testimonials will inevitably come up. The personal touch is always preferable to some generic content, so give travel guides a miss and get your tips and advice from those who have actually been there and done it.